Vida Morkunas

Vancouver BC Canada
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Vida Morkunas grew up in Montreal and obtained a baccalaureate in music (piano) before earning a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), with graduate studies in Computer Science at McGill, and an MBA at Simon Fraser University.

She is an enthusiastic hiker, kayaker, and runner who documents her adventures with high-end digital cameras.

Vida’s outdoors wilderness images are licensed to the Washington State Tourism web site. Her work is also featured in a recently published book about portrait photography. Vida's outdoors photography was shown on four occasions at Exposure Gallery in Vancouver in 2006. Her work appeared on CBC’s Zed and Radio3 – and was featured in a seven-minute segment on Radio Canada. In 2007, one of her photographs from Ross Lake was featured in Sundance and SXSW in a short film directed by Laura Dunn and produced by Robert Redford.

Vida visited twenty-four countries and speaks five languages. Vida currently resides in Vancouver, BC Canada

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