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Spending an entire childhood breathless, and a diagnosis of pulmonary arterial hypertension arriving at 18, Haley’s life experiences differ vastly from her age group. As an artist, Haley naturally chooses to educate through this expression and also enjoys writing & exploring further depths about the patient experience.

Haley has emerged into being an active voice in the Pulmonary Hypertension community as an educator and advocate. She has maintained a position with the Janssen Pharmaceutical Patient Engagement Research Council for Pulmonary Hypertension patients, and co authored an article with Dr Melisa Wilson for the peer reviewed Pulmonary Medical Journal and now majors in pre-science hoping to further advance into radiology.

In 2023 she showed in a group show “Pink Velvet” at Revolt Gallery in Taos, New Mexico and at Electra Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico titled “Spectra.”

This work embodies a merge of worlds between the energy of creation and art versus science and medicine.

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