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Leesburg, VA
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An active artist, Donn's work has sold in galleries in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, won numerous awards, and been featured in a variety of books and magazines. Three books are available here; a fourth is in progress. Donn is also a prolific, creative portrait photographer.

Donn's favorite images capture a moment. A behavior, a look, a scene, or any revealing moment that provides a sense of closeness with the subject. He brings intentionality to delivering such moments, and critics note that the results are evident. Stylistically, Donn strives to reveal and create beauty and whimsy in the art he creates, whether for himself or others.

Visit DobkinPhoto.com to view a variety of works, including Limited Edition Prints and books, or to inquire about portraiture services. Donn recently relocated to Leesburg, VA.

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