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SallyV Truss

SallyV has been on the loose ever since she ‘ran away and joined the circus’ of travelling folk singers in the late 1960s. Her world expanded to include Toronto, Halifax, New Orleans, Huston, Vancouver – and many roads in between – by way of coffeehouses, concert halls and bars.

Ultimately, SallyV is a storyteller. Her voice is entertaining, evocative – thoughtful. Her poems, rants, and songspiels invite the reader into her journey and in doing so, brings the reader home to their own.

Some other recent projects include story-editor and project management of management of Jan Truss’s PAPER BIRD, John Taplin’s EASIER SAID THAN DONE, and the tribute collection of JOYCE DOOLITTLE: a community telling. Sally’s Skipping Song was included in Shaun Hunter’s Calgary Through the Eyes of Writers, a surprising honour. She is a contributor to the poetry book FATES, and the author of the collection of poems, songspiel and rant - HWY 22.

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