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Carolyn Milner (1947- ) born Hurstville, Sydney, NSW, Australia, the first girl in her family to complete high school, dux in her Leaving Certificate year, winning two scholarships, and first to attend university, becoming a high school mathematics teacher. She loved being a Sunday School teacher, attending church, singing in choirs, performing in physical culture and school concerts, ballroom dancing and being a Girl Guide. She married and raised five children. For ten years she was a NMAA group leader, branch president, and telephone counsellor. Completing her M.Ed (School Counselling), while juggling the demands of a newborn and four older children, working as a school counsellor for 17 years, then a private psychologist, and an EMDRAA Accredited Consultant, she authored a book about overcoming emotional eating with EMDR therapy. She has served on many professional and community committees and boards.

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