Karen Bulbuk

Michigan, USA
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All my life I have been fascinated by the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Ever since I excitedly took a close-up flower photo with my first camera as a young teenager, and was bitterly disappointed when it turned out as an unfocused blob, I was on a quest to find a way to record the amazing things I discovered as I hiked through the woods. Later on, 35 mm cameras created better images, but I didn't progress much in my photography skills due to lack of money to buy and develop film. In 2003, I sold my car to help finance my husband's and my first missionary trip to Romania together, and also bought a digital camera. It was like a dream come true; I could take as many photos as I wanted, instantly develop them on my computer, and not pay a penny until I printed something!

My passion is to try to capture the incredible magnificence of God's creation - much of which we don't even notice as we hurry through life - and say through my photos, "Look! See the awesome things God has made!

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