Minister of God and Christ Jesus

United States America
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Engineering Sound Quality Audio and Video Recording Production 4K, 8K, 12K, UHD, and 35mm Video Cameras and Studio Lighting State of the Art Productions.
Webcam 4K/8K Video Streaming Vlog Producer/Ministry Teaching Programming
TWITCH ACCOUNT - thespiritualassassin
Google App Developer for Google Play Store Apps Android
U.S. Book Publisher, American Author/Writer, U.S. Copyright Owner
U.S. Book Trade Vendor. Seventy (70) Books Now Available from 119 Books Copywritten to be released by Minister of God and Christ Jesus Foundation.

Minister of God and Christ Jesus Foundation (c)(p)1996-2024
Multimedia Telecommunications Networks Broadcast/The Spiritual Assassin
Christian Teaching and Talk, Production and Programming
Gifted Fivefold Ministry Teacher
Faith-Based Initiatives, Civic Engagement, Opportunity Programs
Established to lesson the burden of Government
Determined Federal Exempt Under IRS Code 501 (c) 3
North America/United States
United States Federal Code (OLRC)

Áreas de especialización

U.S. Certified Book Publisher and Vendor
Publicity and Marketing
Public Speaking Ministry Speaking Engagements
Humanitarian Public Service Charity Gifts-in-Kind Distribution
Radio Television Broadcasting, Studio Production
Production, Distribution, Retail (RIAA)
Intellectual Media and Property/Entertainment Law
Corporate Business Management
Government Corporate Governance Administration
Government Public Relations, Campaign Union Organizer
Development Officer Training/nonprofits

Afiliaciones profesionales

United States Navy Veteran/Service Connected
U.S. Book Trade Industry/Bowker's
Federal Communications Commission FRN Approved
Retired Labor Union Organizer Movement Member, California UFCW/OCLF-AFL-CIO
Civic Engagement/Faith Based Community Initiatives, Washington DC.
Music Publisher/Songwriter Active Professional Member

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