brice frillici

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The Music, Artwork & Special Effects of Sekdek compile a giant body of cross-genre multimedia content.
Drawing inspiration from art history, cult films, controversial artists/musicians, and the ineffable quality of infinity and beyond.
The work ranges from abstract frenetic fractured-together avant-garde graphic novel multiverses of illustrations to underground surrealist, expressionist, subversive, fantastical, phantasmagoric photography to doom noise opera to pop to experimental etc.

“All washed in psychedelia, Brice Frillici's San Franciscan west-coast jams teeter the border between pop music and b-movie soundtracks” - NPR

“Big hug” - Sir Olivier de Sagazan

“Sekdek is the Cindy Sherman of mud” - Dan Mayer

“Fantastic and a little bit gory” - High Fructose Magazine

"SEKDEK are like GWAR groupies" - Rooney Van Halen

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