Alexander Brown

Douglas, Isle of Man
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I'm a pilgrim, travelling on a road that's ever opening up to me. I don't walk alone, none of us do, and I'm hugely grateful for those accompanying me on this road. The destination is God, the companions include God, but the path is misty. I see just a few steps ahead at a time, and write where we've been and what we've seen. God's incredible grace light the way through the Bible and the Spirit combined. It takes faith, courage and a constant ability to be disappointed and get back up again. That's why we travel in groups.

I am part of the Jesus revolution - a worldwide community of 2 billion of us, walking with Jesus, living for him first and ourselves second. We have no borders, languages or customs that can keep us back. I write about that. We are figuring it out.

I'm a Pioneer Minister for the Church of England, but have a hugely ecumenical heart. We are truly one church, one body, and one movement.

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