Nadine Schumont

Stratford, Ontario
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A year ago I would not have been one to take the time in my day to notice, let alone let myself be amazed by the world as it was happening around me. Caught up in what I now lovingly call my corporate past, I was the goal orientated, deadline driven type. Something was missing from my life. I began to search for the illusive “more” and that’s when EVERYTHING changed. I was both encouraged by circumstance and blessed to be given time to spend sitting in still contemplation.

Inspired by what I discovered in my own backyard, the easy fun I found playing with my camera and the amazing ways in which nature seemed to pose for a photo, sharing that experience became a dream for me. Souls Secrets in Bloom is the first volume in the Take Ten Series. Take Ten was created as a reminder to me, and hopefully to you, that self-care is not only smart and important but that it can happen anywhere and requires just a few focused minutes.

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