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I grew up in the most beautiful place in northern Manitoba, surrounded by the Churchill River and boreal forests. Though we didn't have formal art education, I did learn traditional arts and crafts from my neighborhood Cree grandmothers, like weaving, beading, moccasin making, and birch bark biting. I learned how to draw by copying the Archie comics that were prevalent in my home as my mother was from South America and these comics helped her to learn English. My father told me the comics also inspired my name. I like that.

When I started out on this creative journey it was difficult to find information and support as an artist. I read a lot, talked to many professional Artists and gallery Directors, tried many different things, and I think I've finally found my artistic 'sweet spot' both in my paintings and in my creative career.

This is the information I wish that I would have had access to in the beginning. I hope it helps you, too.

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