Nicholas Camarena

Fresno, Ca, United States of America.
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Nicholas Camarena also known as “The Octopus” was an American fiction author, artist, martial artist and musician from Fresno California. [Fiction Writing] He has authored several short stories, novelettes and novellas. He has also authored “dark poetry” - many times being self-deprecating as he struggled through many emotional and physical problems in 2018. Including being diagnosed with the oddity of P.B.A. His fictional pieces, however, span a wide-range of genres. From Drama, Romance, Horror, and even a tween series called “Keep an eye out for Raspberry”. Much has said the sporadic nature of his fitful personality can be found in his literature style. Works about sexual behavior, works of encouraging romance, to pieces of attempts at thought provoking horror and science fiction tales. “I write as I live. I am not afraid to walk through any door of creativity when it opens up in my mind's eye. Once an idea happens I have to follow the protagonist in their world - not in mine."

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