Terry Lea

Dallas, TX
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I had started taking photo's of my food and decided that they were so pretty, I should write a cookbook. Little did I know what a job it was to become. I started this book in August of 2013 and now it's December. I worked on this book at least 5 to 6 Hours per day and I hope it's finally finished. These Recipes are just my versions and can be changed to suite individual taste, of course timing will vary according to different ovens. I hoped to inspire more home cooking, but I know that some people just do not like to cook and have jobs and little time. I have always enjoyed cooking and just wanted to share my recipes and a few stories about my family. Most of all I wanted, to have something to remember us by and thought they might also, enjoy my sharing of food and recipes. I tried to show ways of cooking food that is economical, and requires little effort on some of the recipes.So enjoy, and know I Love you all.

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